WES Catalog - Features

WES Catalog provides many features that make it the leading services registry/catalog in the world. It supports many metadata standards that may be used to describe the Web services contained in the database and has no restrictions on the type of services that may be catalogued. From Web Processing Services (WPS) to simple OGC Web Mapping Services (WMS) WES Catalog is your choice for superior service cataloging.

Create & manage resources

Create and manage resources

Creates and manages a catalog of all geospatial and related Web resources that can be quickly searched through a variety of interfaces.


User authentication

Authenticates users based upon a hierarchal role-based access and user authentication methodology to ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Automatically harvest data

Automatically harvests data

Can automatically harvest metadata from multiple Web services and store this metadata in standards-based formats.

Sensor Hub integration

Integration with SensorHub

Integrated with WES Companion product Sensor Hub to provide automated registration of Internet of Things (IoT) networks and sensors.

Enhanced publishing wizard

Enhanced publishing wizard

Delivers an enhanced publishing wizard to easily publish/reference information, products and data into the WES infrastructure.

web processing cataloging

Web processing cataloging repository

Contains a Web processing cataloging repository that provides the ability to describe how Web processes can be chained or realized when automating the creation of new products.

ArcGIS Catalog & Portal compatability

Compatible with ArcGIS Catalog and Portal

Direct compatibility with Esri ArcGIS Catalog and Portal to initiate the sharing of services.

Augment/update metadata

Augment and update metadata

Provides the ability to augment and update metadata about services when these are not properly described at the originating source.

Unlimited categorization/cataloguing

Unlimited categorization and cataloguing

Contains no limitations on the number and types of Web Services that may be categorized and cataloged within the system.

WES Catalog - Benefits

The WES Catalog benefits are as follows:



Integrates seamlessly into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through a standards-based Web interface.

Time savings

Time savings

Saves time for implementing Web-enabled, distributed spatial data infrastructures.

Connectivity framework

Connectivity framework

Provides a framework for connectivity to legacy/heritage systems.

Standards-based connectivity

Standards-based connectivity

Provides new standards-based connectivity to geospatial data stores and systems.

Reuse of Web resources

Reuse of Web resources

WES Catalog provides a framework for promoting reuse of established organizations Web resources and helps prevent reinvention.


Improves productivity

Improves productivity by reducing development time associated with deploying new combinations of existing Web resources.

Situational awareness

Situational awareness improvements

Enables improvements to the situational awareness and decision-making process by having an understanding of what Web resources exist and how they can be used together to meet a situational need.

Invocation of Web resources

Invocation of Web resources

WES Catalog delivers an easy-to-use invocation of Web resource interfaces by introducing standards compliance.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Make better use of information and content faster and more efficently.