WES - Features

WES is a Standards-based, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (SCOTS) software package that provides organizations and agencies with the ability to build a comprehensive spatial data infrastructure that extends from the desktop, mobile computing and sensor/IoT platforms to the server/network/cloud environments. Features include the ability to:

Search, Manage & Discover Data

Search, manage and discover geospatial data

Disparate sources can be discovered and searched, including web services, EO data, real-time sensor and IoT data, geospatial data, mobile and field data documents and/or other systems and data catalogues.

Access, Preview & Combine Data

Access, preview and combine distributed data

A means of accessing any data, data product, service and associated information via Web browsers, mobile phones, ArcGIS Desktop apps and systems interfaces.

Catalog, Harvest & Manage Metadata

Catalog, harvest, and manage metadata

Collect metadata information and content from systems, users, file systems and devices.

Manage Internal & External Data

Manage both internal and external data

Administer access to content stored within the WES platform and provide regulated secure access to supporting content from external systems.

Access & Display Data

Access and display real-time data from sensors

Understand your environment and environments you manage using data from IoT devices, cameras/video feeds, satellite imagery and much more.

Publish Data & Systems

Publish location-based data and systems

Make your data and information accessible to others in support of situational awareness using standards-based interfaces.

Integrate & Maximize Mobile Devices

Integrate and maximize mobile devices and field operations

Reach out to field users, providing them with the vital information they need to manage situations and collect field information for decision making.

Host & Access Data

Host and access a variety of data types

WES is data agnostic, providing maximum interoperability with your information and content.

Connect to Systems/Portals

Connect to enterprise data management systems and portals

Combine others information and content into you geospatial platform using WES.

WES - Benefits

The main benefits of WES are:​​​​​​​​​​​​



Enhance your ability to utilize information to support your mission.

Improved Communications

Improved Communications

Share your information and content at the right time, supporting real-time operations.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Make better use of information and content faster and more efficiently.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness

Designed to foster greater situational awareness.



OGC standards mean compliance and regulated approach.



Products, services, and systems built to work together.



Allows multiple disparate geospatial systems to cooperate.



Built to let multiple parties work together.



Operates effectively for small and large enterprises.

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