SensorHub is a companion product to Web Enterprise Suite (WES) that uses open standards to easily connect various sensors and devices, such as cameras, body worn sensors (ECG, EKG, EMG, etc.) and platforms such as weather stations and drone imagery, to a networked environment to enhance situational awareness and the overall decision-making process. It provides an open and unified way to interconnect the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data, and applications over networks like the web that would otherwise be difficult to access and use.

Lightweight Software
On Any Device Running Java

SensorHub is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that provides users with access to proprietary sensors that would otherwise be difficult to access. It comes with a comprehensive library of device drivers that provides communication with many different sensor systems and types, including Grove, Z-Wave, and many others. With little effort, custom drivers can be uploaded using the SensorHub interface, without requiring software updates to the SensorHub itself.

Real-time and historical data can be viewed directly from the interface in easy-to-understand widgets and charts (e.g., temperature gauge, speedometer, etc.). The SensorHub software also allows the user to task sensors (e.g., point the camera in a certain direction), create alerts (e.g., if heart rate drops below a certain threshold, notify me) and create task chains (e.g., if a motion sensor detects motion, point the camera in a specific direction).

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