WES Sync - Components

WES Sync has four main components.


A module in the WES Administration tool that provides the interfaces for configuring and managing WES Sync. This includes the definition and configuration of remote systems and tools to manage and monitor the synchronization process.

WES Sync Admin


An event-based utility that generates Sync Packages as content is added to WES or an integrated system. These packages are pushed to designated outgoing areas for the targeted destination systems for pickup and delivery by the WES Sync Transport system.

WES Sync Generator

WES Sync

Processes incoming Sync Packages and adds the content to the local system or populates the content into an integrated system such as Liferay or ArcGIS.
A Sync Response package is sent back to the source system for end-to-end traceability.

WES Sync Processor


A configurable component that transports sync packages from one system to another. SFTP is provided as a default transporter but customers can configure others and/or use manual processes. On-demand or scheduled-based transfers are supported. Network usage can also be controlled through the use of bandwidth limits.

WES Sync Transporter