WES Portal - Features

WES Portal provides many features which have the benefit of allowing users to communicate individually or as groups and to exchange information in an efficient, real-time environment, to generate a persistent knowledge base and to reliably track user activities. All user interactions can be segregated to a mission, event or incident by establishing linkages to Portfolios.

Instant Messaging
Live Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms – Can be assigned to missions, events and incidents where operational personnel can discuss aspects of a scenario in a secure manner.

Instant Messaging Diagram

Create Discussions
For Scenarios Based Events

Discussions – Discussion boards can be associated to portfolios to support real-time discussions regarding aspects of a scenario in a secure manner.

Create Discussions

Track and Assign Tasks
For Mission, Incident or Events

Tasks and Logistics Requests - Provides users with the ability to assign tasks/logistics requests and track the status of these being assigned during the mission/incident/event management. At any one time, a manager can review all tasks/logistics requests and status within the system.

Track & Assign Tasks

Publish Knowledge
 For Decision Support using Wiki.

Wiki Boards –  Wikis can be quickly configured to be used to support briefings and situational awareness views. 

Publish Knowledge