WES Library - Features

WES Library is a multidimensional database/data library system that has been designed to support archiving and storage of large volumes of data and data products. It accommodates historical and transactional data derived from multiple source and enables an organization to consolidate data from several sources.

Some of the key features of WES Library are as follows:

Cloud Ready
Defy Hardware Limitations

Like all of Web Enterprise Suite components, WES Library is designed to operate in a load-balanced, multi-node service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment.

Cloud Ready

Advanced Administrative Interface
Control and Configure

The WES System Administration console provides system administrators with the ability to manage all aspects of WES Library.

Advanced Admin Interface

Role and User Based Access Controls
Secure Access to Your Data.

The security and user-based linkages within WES Library ensure that users are granted access only to the data and data products that they have been authorized to view.

Role/User Based Controls Diagram

Advanced Data Licensing
Manage Data Usage Agreements

WES Library allows data administrators to restrict the usage of data to its intended purpose by providing tools to define and configure data licensing agreements for each type or category of data.

Advanced Data Licensing

Advanced Data Ingestion Module
Grow Your Data Library​​​​

The data ingestion module allows data to be added to WES Library from a variety of sources, and can perform data parsing, metadata extraction and data validation.

Advanced Data Ingestion

Advanced Data Delivery Module
Deliver Value-Added Data Products​​​

The data delivery module provides additional capabilities above and beyond comparable data library systems including the ability to combine data from WES Library and external systems for advanced data processing requirements.

Data Delivery Module Diagram

System Agnostic ​​​
Multi-Platform Portability​​

WES Library is truly interoperable, compliant with industry standards and will operate within a variety of environments and infrastructures.

System Agnostic Diagram

Dynamic Systems Approach
Adapt to Change​​

WES Library provides the infrastructure for organizations to work with constantly changing data and system sources and addresses the requirements associated with users needing new/changing transformation rules and processing when delivering data and data products.

Dynamic Systems Diagram

Data Mart Processing Capabilities
Monetize Your Data

WES Library has been structured to accommodate organizations that not only need to license data to users/groups/communities, but to also provide all functions necessary for the sale of data and data products.

Data Mart Processing

Attributed Based Data Discovery
Easy Search and Discovery

WES Library provides the ability for users to discover specific content contained in the system through a discovery interface which exposes the metadata attributes of the ingested products. The metadata is extracted from the products at harvest time and is further enriched and extended by the users of the system.

Attributed Based Data Discovery Diagram

Service-Based Architecture
Standardized for Interoperability

WES Library provides organizations developers with SOAP and RESTful standards-based interfaces that enable access to the information and content via external systems or alternate interfaces.

Service-Based Architecture Diagram

Search Agents.​​​​ ​​​
Let the Data Come to You

Search Agents provide an automated search facility that work on behalf of the users. Search agents can either run “On Demand” as new data is ingested into the system or can be scheduled to run at specified time intervals. When data matching the users’, criteria is found, the user is notified via email, and can then examine the search results in WES.

Search Agents