WES Library

WES Library is the data warehouse component of Web Enterprise Suite (WES) that acts as a library for the storage of geospatial/non-geospatial imagery, data and data products. This sub-system is being used by some of the largest image archives in the world, supports the "big data" concepts, and is cloud ready.

WES Library uses the WES Database and the WES Discovery Metadata Catalog (DMC) to contain metadata about content stored in WES Library. It is tightly linked to the WES User Authentication and role-based access models that provides flexible end-user licensing for access to content in the repository(s). The online order and delivery modules provide shopping cart-like access to content and are integrated into the e-commerce WES sub-system for organizations that sell data to end user communities.

WES Library
Supporting Big Data Requirements

A data warehouse that provides ingestion, storage and delivery of geospatial, structured, and unstructured data, supports big data concepts, and is cloud ready. It provides a metadata capability that maintains transactions such as users, orders, and data/metadata ingestion.

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WES Library Diagram