Meta Manager - Components

Meta Manager components consist of the following:

Meta Manager

A high-performance search engine that will search relational databases for items of interest using a standards-based REST API. Relational databases supported include: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
This Web service implemented using the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) standard.

The server will return XML search results in the standard format requested (e.g., ISO 19115, DDMS and Dublin Core).

Meta Manager Server

Meta Manager

Easily integrates with existing relational databases such as Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Access, without requiring modifications or changes to the originating data structures.

Can expose the relational database content using one or more of the standard metadata specifications included within the application. This is accomplished by mapping the database columns to the metadata elements. Attributes in the database can be translated and augmented as necessary.

Has the ability to fill in gaps in the database for the metadata standard. For example, contact information may be entered once and then be retrieved along with each metadata record in the database.

Enhanced SQL syntax checking and verification.

Includes a metadata harvesting facility for performing automated metadata population from structured and unstructured data residing on file systems (KML, MrSID, GeoTIF, PDF, SHP, GDB, Microsoft documents (Word/PowerPoint/Excel), PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG, JPE, JPEG, JFIF, etc.) distributed throughout the organization's file systems.

Meta Manager will keyword-index all files that are harvested by the Meta Manager harvester.

Meta Manager Harvester

Meta Manager

A desktop client that provides data administrators with the ability to manage a Meta Manager instance. For relational metadata, the administrator will allow the specification and connection to the target database containing the database tables to be exposed for search and discovery.

The tool provides the ability to map each of the data elements into the desired standard. The administrator also provides the ability to translate/combine attributes in tables to provide more meaningful output.

When creating a collection for structured/unstructured data on file systems, Meta Manager Administrator simply requires the user to name the collection and then point the harvester at the location of the files within the directory structure. The Meta Manager Harvester will take it from there.

The Meta Manager Administrator also contains a file-based metadata browse and update facility for browsing metadata harvested from files located on the file system.

The Meta Manager reporting facility will generate reports detailing how metadata has been configured and mapped within the system.

Meta Manager Administrator

Meta Manager

Each Meta Manager server installation is shipped with a Meta Manager Client.
The Meta Manager client is a JSP application and may be used to test Meta Manager collections. In addition, organizations may utilize and modify this client for use in the organization’s Web site or portal infrastructure.

The client provides users with the ability to specify the collection to be searched, the geospatial coordinates, and other metadata attributes such as date and time and keyword.

A CSW query construction window is included so that the user may review the XML format for a query that is delivered to the server.

The user may also review the XML that is returned from the server, based upon the query submitted.

Style sheets are included so that the XML metadata that is returned from the query is formatted and suitable for user interaction.

Meta Manager Client