GO Mobile - Features

GO Mobile contains the following features:

GO Mobile no iOS Compatible

GO Mobile
Now Available for iOS

GO Mobile is now available on iOS Phones and Tablets. Users can take advantage of all the mobile and disconnected capabilities of GO Mobile on their preferred iOS, Android or Windows platform. This includes the ability to fully interact with WES content on a mobile phone/tablet and perform data capture to contribute pictures and content from anywhere.

Take your iOS device into the field, capture routes, search, discover, track and access information, data and content. GO Mobile can now be deployed to all major mobile platforms, including Android and Windows-based smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Enhanced Geospatial View
While in the Field

Prior to deployment to the field, users can use Web Enterprise Suite (WES) to create geospatial packages (OGC GeoPackage) containing the necessary geospatial information and content to support field operations. In addition, if connected to a communications network, field users can perform real-time data discovery, access and download, and send messages to other users. This provides superior geospatial/mapping awareness and enables the sharing of information and content among other mobile users. Users are provided with the ability to dynamically change the geospatial view to support multiple missions/events/incidents and update these views in real-time.

Enhanced Geospatial View

Decision Support System
Prepare, Respond, Mitigate

With GO Mobile, military, first responders and field operations officials are now equipped to access vital field information related to mission critical events, keeping them informed and providing them with the ability to quickly process related information for swift decision making. Users in the field can inform commands and operations centers by updating and transmitting geospatial features, including video and pictures that are augmented with metadata and picture annotations.

Decision Support

Situational Awareness
Common Operating Pictures

Encompassing several valuable features, it not only provides users with the option of sharing information with others through their mobile device of choice, but GO Mobile also enables officials to use data transmitted from the device to determine where mobile users are and have access to critical information associated with the mobile user. This provides command operations personnel with quick access to geospatial data and allows them to use it efficiently for emerging situations.

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Supports Multiple Standards
OGC Complaint

The Compusult GO Mobile app is a standards-based component of Web Enterprise Suite (WES) that supports OGC standards, allowing the fusion of data from multiple sources into a single, integrated environment. Officials in industries such as Homeland Security can now effectively and efficiently have a consolidated view of all relevant geospatial data, regardless of the source, from their mobile devices.

OGC Compliance

Disconnected Operations
Access to Data in the Field

While using GO Mobile in the field, military and emergency response personnel can operate in a disconnected environment. Users can preload data and services for the area of interest for the operations using the GO Mobile GeoPackaging Service. The GeoPackage may contain base maps, overlays, and/or vector features and, optionally, encrypts them. Once loaded, the files remain encrypted, ensuring lost or stolen devices do not compromise secrecy and confidentiality. In the field, new data collected will be automatically updated and shared once the device is in range of connection services.

Disconnected Operations

Manage Data More Effectively
For Public Safety

Dealing with public safety issues requires accurate information, preparedness and effective management of data. With GO Mobile, an administrator can set up a dedicated portfolio and user group based on a particular incident, event or disaster, with the portfolio's Area of Interest (AOI) focused on the actual area of concern. Data can be stored within the portfolios, allowing users to manage and organize information for enhanced decision making. In addition, members are aware of other users' locations, can track historical events and can communicate through media sharing.

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Sensor Observations
For First Responders

With GO Mobile, users' smartphones, tablets and PCs can become a "sensor platform", capturing and sharing data such as the device location, pictures, videos, audio and other situational Internet of Things (IoT) information, such as information from smart clothing with flexible sensors for cardiac, respiratory, etc. Emergency Response Officials can establish where other personnel are located and obtain detailed status to assist in coordinating their efforts and better determining response times.

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Combine with Web Enterprise Suite 
See for Yourself

Using the Web Enterprise Suite Web browser interfaces users can visualize and combine GO Mobile information and content with other information and content from remote systems. In addition the Web Enterprise Suite component WES Desktop, which provides plugins for desktop GIS systems, enables users to visualize and analyze information and content right from their QGIS or ArcGIS desktop GIS systems.

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For Surveys, Missions, Incidents and Events

Compusult is the leading vendor in generating geospatial data (GeoPackages) to provide supporting information for surveys, missions, incidents and events .

Our contributions/extensions to standard GeoPackages include: sophisticated styling rules for vector features, methods of pre-calculating and storing simplified versions of vector feature geometries at a variety of scales, and a mechanism of storing dictionaries for feature attribute codes, allowing easier human interpretation of feature metadata and allowing dynamic feature metadata capture.

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Route Capture
Enhanced Situational Awareness

A unique feature of GO Mobile is its ability to conduct a route capture. Route captures can be used in support of situational scenarios in the event evacuations or access is required. This feature can also be used as a tool to provide video feeds with vectors illustrating the current situation. Software will insert route directions (e.g., TURN LEFT) into the navigation control points based on GPS tracking. After the route is completed, users can edit the route:
 - Allow aligning the GPS captured routes to base map data, such as the road network.
 - Add, remove, edit control points.
 - Add, remove, update, reorder pictures on control points.
 - Add, remove, update routing directions on control points.

Route Capture

GO Mobile - Benefits

GO Mobile benefits are as follows:

Situational Intelligence Decision Support

In support of situational intelligence and decision support, GO Mobile:
 - gathers situational intelligence in real-time;
 - accesses portfolios for organizing and containing content for incidents, events and missions;
 - enhances situational awareness by accessing geospatial data, sensor IoT devices for rapidly changing information and alerts in a real-time environment;
 - provides overlay of information (weather, operational databases, other sensor data, etc.) to create common operating pictures; and
 - operates in a disconnected environment (Supporting GeoPackaging Services).

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Discover and Access Data
See for Yourself

 - Search, manage and discover geospatial data from disparate sources.
 - Perform a geospatial search of the map area.
 - Discover geographically relevant images, maps, reports and news.
 - Navigate the map with touch to search an area, create an area of interest, create linkages and discover data for decision making.
 - Track historical events.
 - Track and locate like-authorities (Military Personnel, Police, Firefighters, Emergency Response).

Discover & Access Data

Collaborate and Share
Content and Information

- View other GO Mobile users on mapping applications provided using open standards, such as Web Mapping Service (WMS), in a defined area of interest.
 - Capture and store information (videos, pictures, documents, text) for sharing among members.
 - Broadcast messages to other GO Mobile users with enhanced messaging capability.

Collaborate & Share

Integrate and Sync Geospatial Databases 
ArcGIS Database

Combined with Web Enterprise Suite, GO Mobile can extract information and content from ArcGIS file geodatabases and store them in an OGC-compliant GeoPackage. The GeoPackage is then stored on the device for use in operations by field personnel.

In the field, these personnel can now update and add new features metadata and attributes combined with media (video/photos/etc.) that are stored in the GeoPackage. This can be performed in disconnected and connected operations.
GO Mobile identifies changes that have been made to features and will synchronize these changes to the original file geodatabases on demand.

Integrate & Sync Databases